Backpack Billboards Our backpack billboards are great for promoting brand recognition in high traffic locations, special events and shopping centers. Not only does their versatility make this way of advertising very efficient, but so does the visuality of the billboards during the day and also during the night – where they can be lit up with LED lights.

Our Backpack Billboard program includes:

  • One illuminated billboard sign
  • One brand ambassador
  • Up to six hours of promotion time
  • Campaign planning to fit custom needs

Our programs can be customized to your needs. In the past we have distributed advertising collateral, premium branded items and product samples on behalf of our clients. Backpack Billboard advertising promotions campaigns give you great visibility where you can target the consumers you want to reach.

Rates Specs Market


Rates include up to 6 hours of promotion time

We work with budgets of all sizes and the ad prices vary greatly depending on location, number of units and length of program. Request a Quote and we will gladly send you an estimate.

*Minimum Purchase of  3 to 10 programs for a minimum of 5 to 10 days.
  • Media Size
  • Front: 22.5" x 25"
  • Back: 22.5" x 56"
Available Nationwide!
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